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Anyways, I was Tweeting on Twitter and decided to click the food section under “Moments”, turns out McDonalds was giving out free fries in Sydney! Not just regular fries, flavoured ones with gravy, toppings and more! Even crazier, they only sell fries at the restaurant!

Heres the link to the moment:


Milkshake hack 😋

hello all, if you don’t have cocoa powder or chocolate syrup to make your thick, homemade chocolate milkshakes, here are some substitutes:

1. Nutella!! So good, goes with lots of things

2. hot chocolate powder! Mix I with some milk and ice cream or frozen yogurt and it tastes awesome!

3. Cinnamon! Cinnamon may seem odd to say the least but cinnamon, graham crackers and ice cream is awesome!

4. Strawberry sauce. Hehe, easy strawberry shake

Thanks for reading!

 (PB and Chocolate is also amazing) 😂